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What happens when you survive a police shooting in Baltimore?

The local newspaper ran a story based on the police reports, which said that the man, Keith Davis Jr, had robbed an unlicensed cab driver with a pistol and fled from the police to a garage, where he refused to give up his weapon and was shot at numerous times before being hit in the arm and the face and surrendering.

But unlike many victims of police shootings, Davis lived to provide his own account of what happened that morning – he says he didn’t have a gun and was misidentified as the suspect. He is now fighting criminal charges against him and has been in jail awaiting trial for more than 200 days, while nursing his gunshot wounds behind bars....

Davis’ trial has already been postponed three times, the third time because he was arranged on new charges. His lawyer, Latoya Francis-Williams, says the prosecutor’s office has failed to supply her with information she requested in discovery, such as statements from the shooting officers.

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