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Attorney Latoya A. Francis-Williams is a first generation American born into a family that demanded excellence and leadership with every task undertaken.  Attorney Francis-Williams was fortunate to be surrounded by a community of accomplished, hardworking and determined people who never shied away from hard work and the chance to fight for what they knew was just.


One such fight for Attorney Francis-Williams was to become a lawyer, not for the money, but to represent those that seek a strong advocate, a thoughtful counselor and to claim membership to an honorable profession designed to create positive change in her community.


Upon graduating from Morgan State University and the University of Baltimore School of Law, Attorney Latoya Francis-Williams put her formal legal education, her experience as a law clerk in Montgomery County Circuit Court under the Honorable Judge Eric Johnson, and a legal intern with the Neighborhood Defenders, Baltimore City Felony Division of the Maryland Office of the Public Defender to work as a Rule 16 Attorney for the Maryland Office of the Public Defender, in Baltimore, Maryland.  As a Rule 16 Attorney Francis-Williams served Baltimore City residents as an aggressive criminal defense lawyer who took pride in fighting for her clients. 


No matter how voluminous the case load, Attorney Francis-Williams prepared vigorously to fight for each and every client as an individual with unique expectations and unique circumstances. Attorney Francis-Williams opened the doors to her own law practice in order to give the broader Maryland community an opportunity to work with a Law Practice committed to excellence.  An accomplished leader and intelligent lawyer, Latoya A. Francis-Williams approaches every legal matter with a commitment to her clients.  The Law Office of Latoya A. Francis-Williams focuses primarily in the area of defense litigation. 


When you have been accused of a crime, or when you are forced to defend your liberties and rights, or your reputation and job in a civil or criminal matter we will provide aggressive representation to get the justice you deserve.  Get the help you need, right away. 



Contact the Law Office of Latoya A. Francis-Williams, LLC. at 410-356-4691, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


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